New medallion from The Buurtpolitie has the desire

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Charlotte De Groof, the new medallion from The Buurtpolitie, came to the series through a castingoproep. “They were looking for an actress for a guest appearance. I have registered, and only later I was told that the role is much bigger in size was,” she says in The Interest. “I was naturally pleased. I already played the theatre in the amateur ranks and had a few roles in short films for my account, but participate as an actress on a popular tv series is, of course, another story.” That the series has a huge army of fans, could Charlotte all brands at the premiere of the second Buurtpolitie movie. “The news about my entry came right after the premiere. I have yet incognito visit. I knew that the series was attractive, but I was still under the impression of the scenes that I’ve seen.”

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