Najib Amhali will play drums with Cesar Zuiderwijk

75653ccffd0cedc62a537a66d1df80d9 - Najib Amhali will play drums with Cesar Zuiderwijk

Najib Amhali, Hanneke Drenth, Jan Dulles, Tino, Martin and Edsilia Rombley are added to the line-up of the show All Mixed Up on behalf of Alzheimer Nederland. This is the poster for the charity performance on march 11 in Studio 21 in Hilversum complete.

During the comedyconcert share comedians take the stage with singers. The evening is a mix of skits and songs. The proceeds are earmarked for research in the medical center Alzheimercentrum. Previously, if it is known that Jörgen Developing, Tineke Schouten, Kelly, Flowers, Gordon, Berget Lewis, Javier Guzman, and Cesar Zuiderwijk participate.

Najib Amhali: “When you see all these top riders are now together on one stage? We are now working together on the program and that is really very nice. I hope, of course, a drumbattle to be able to do against my of all: Cesar Zuiderwijk. What it is for me extra special is that this evening in the sign of Alzheimeronderzoek. My grandmother is unfortunately also affected by this disease, and that is for us as a family very to make. I hope, therefore, that there is more money for research.”

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