Mia by Gorki again best Belgian song

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The listeners of Studio Brussels “Mia” by Gorki for the fourth year in a row been voted the best Belgian number. The number stands at 1 in 100 of his Own Breeding. On the second place “Gold” of Bazart. “Can’t live in a living room Red Zebra completes the podium. Over the past week, the listeners of Studio Brussels for The 100 of his Own Breeding. The list of the hundred best Belgian songs was Friday and aired on Studio Brussel and was the high point of The Week of my Own Breeding, a week in which the radio station is the best Belgian music.

Just like the past three years Gorky at the top of the The 100 of his Own Breeding with the iconic song “Mia”. The youngsters of Bazart came last year the top three within and extend now even to number 2 with “Gold”. Also, Red Zebra is doing well, “Can’t live in a living room” rises six places and ends so at number 3. The highest newcomer is Tamino, winner of The New Batch of 2017. He enters the list at number 14 with “Habibi”. Also the Belgian hiphop shows itself with two notable newcomers: Coely with “Ain t chasing pavements” (29) and Roméo Elvis with “Bruxelles arrive” (45). dEUS is again the most quoted artist in the list with 7 numbers. Also, Oscar and the Wolf, Stromae, Balthazar, Daan, Admiral Freebee and Arno are well represented, each with 3 numbers. The youngest number in the list is in the name of Equal Idiots with “Put my head in the ground”, also a newcomer in the list (89). The oldest song is from the hand of Jacques Brel: Ne me quitte pas” (30).

This is the full top ten:
1. “Mia” – Gorky
2. “Gold” – Bazart
3. “Can’t live in a living room – Red Zebra
4. “Instant street” – dEUS
5. “Synrise” – Goose
6. “My heroics, part one Absynthe Minded
7. “Universal nation” – Push
8. “Champagne” – Millionaire
9. “Help” – Channel zero
10. “Formidable” – Stromae

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