Members of UKIP votes for dismissal leader Bolton

28b544dcf31a47d7ca718cc22fc0ea6e - Members of UKIP votes for dismissal leader Bolton

LONDON – Members of the British eurosceptic populist party UKIP have during an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders for the dismissal voted their leader Henry Bolton. That has chairman Paul Oakden said. According to Oakden has 63 percent of the 1.378 voters confidence in Bolton is cancelled.

Bolton (54), which is less than five months, the party leader, is under fire because his former girlfriend racist texts has spread about the fiancé of prince Harry, Meghan Markle.

The party wants to be within three months an election for a new leader.

UKIP has been in existence since 1993 . The party was under Nigel Farage is a key driver to the referendum in 2016 on membership of the EU.

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