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McLaren: “Good results crucial for attracting new sponsors”

c0138b803ca6b8f984d00b6a68c78317 - McLaren: "Good results crucial for attracting new sponsors"

According to McLaren CEO Zak Brown will be the first races of the new F1 season are crucial for the commercial operation of McLaren. Good results are, after all, it is necessary to have this year’s new sponsors and partners to attract.

By the poor results saw McLaren in recent seasons a lot of sponsors and partners leave. The renstal was not only on the sporting level, but also at a commercial level in the corner where the blows fell.

After the switch to the motors Renault knew McLaren in the run-up to the new season a few new partnerships to announce. Brown is convinced that there are still some collaborations are possible, though many also depend on the results during the first races of the season.

“On a commercial level everything is very good,” says Brown, as opposed to ‘’. “We have our partnership with Dell was announced, so we now have three announcements. I expect one or two announcements before the start of the season and then everything goes well enough.”

“Once the season has begun slows down what. There is a lot of interest on a commercial level and when we have the track go up then that will also help. Indeed, there are very many people who, logically, would like to see how you’re doing.”

According to Brown, that a lot of commercial experience, have the ninth place in the championship and the less good results in attracting sponsors and partners, of course, difficult.

“When you last year as a ninth finish in the championship then that makes attracting partners easier. If we can quickly show that we are no longer only the ninth team, then everything will naturally be easier.”

“I do not think that we have a main sponsor for the season start. We want certainly one. It is our intention to in three to four years time to return to our old level of sponsors,” concludes Brown.

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