Massavaccinatie in East Java against diphtheria

32a301f47243bb0e1d8c4df6c55d77b3 - Massavaccinatie in East Java against diphtheria

MALANG – The gezondheidsinstantie East Java want to this year, almost 11 million inhabitants between one and nineteen years old vaccinated against diphtheria. The Indonesian province has been a time to deal with an epidemic of this disease. The province has more than 5 million euro are allocated for the vaccination program, reports The Jakarta Post Post Saturday.

According to the head of the health organization are also religious people that are affiliated with major organizations such as the ministry for Religious Affairs and muslim groups involved in the project.

It is expected that many muslims are against the injections will oppose it, because they doubt whether it is allowed according to their faith. “Some people have doubts about the vaccinations. We have anticipated by religious persons to involve. Vaccination is important,” said the head of the health care organization.

Last year, 460 people have the disease in East Java. Sixteen people survived the disease.

The vaccination programme this year in three stages.

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