Marilyn Manson breaks concert after nervous breakdown

1d0dee44ed5839ea83cc5ef441bdd45a - Marilyn Manson breaks concert after nervous breakdown

Marilyn Manson has fans disappointed by a concert halfway through to break down. The shockrocker performed Thursday in New York, four months after his tour of Heaven Upside Down had to pause to recover from an accident in which a piece of scenery on him had fallen.

Marilyn Manson resumed the tour in Huntington in New York, where concert goers were witness to a nervous breakdown. Manson left the stage after five songs. The artist spoke incoherent, threw his microphone and beende the stage. “It was the strangest, saddest and worst concert that I have ever experienced,” writes one of the visitors on Instagram.

According To E! News, the artist is still no explanation for his behavior. Manson is Saturday night expected in New Jersey.

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