Light earthquake in Wales and England

04a822c8e543c675f1e2c3a90066eb49 - Light earthquake in Wales and England

SWANSEA – Large parts of Wales and England are Saturday afternoon rocked by a light earthquake. According to the British seismological institute had the quake at a depth of only 7.4 kilometres a strength of 4.4. The epicentre was the village of Clydach, 20 km north-east of Swansea.

Earthquakes of this magnitude to come, according to the institute once every three to five years in the United Kingdom. Because it is relatively close to the surface of the earth took place – it usually happens on the British mainland at 15 to 20 km depth, the impact was the greatest in ten years. In 2008, it was Market Rasen in Lincolnshire was hit by a quake of 5.2.

According to the BBC, the vibrations felt in the whole of Wales, but also far beyond. Of Cornwall in the southwest of England to the Lake District to the north of Liverpool and to the east towards London, people are startled. There are no reports about serious damage or injuries. Or were the police and emergency services, the phones red hot. They called out to the people only to call for an emergency.

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