Kieft: “The Eriksen of Ajax is gone’

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Wim Kieft saw Tottenham Hotspur this week with a 2-2 tied against Juventus and was under the impression of two old friends.

“The absence of commitment, that Christian Eriksen at Ajax, whose is gone,” said Kieft, in his exclusive column for Telesport on the Danish playmaker of Spurs. “He has everything developed and is a dominant player at the top level, which is great to play and in addition awful lot of labour resistance.”

“Moussa Dembele, also from the Dutch training and competition coming, was always absent, inconsistent, but he’s become so strong, the solution is always to the fore, is balvast, strong in the passage, and know now all about the top. Only, he should temper his game a bit better control.”

Read the complete column of Wim Kieft in the PREMIUM edition of Telesport.

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