Johan Derksen: ’Roxeanne Hazes is a crappy singer’

200345d2b13026505632c4779241b0a3 - Johan Derksen: ’Roxeanne Hazes is a crappy singer’

While they last Monday for an Edison award in the awards, is still not everyone is convinced of the singing qualities of Roxeanne Hazes. In fact, voetbalanaliticus Johan Derksen is called the daughter of the late André Hazes “a parody of a singer”.

Derksen had last night in the television programme Football Inside not a good word to say about the singer for her single In my blood, the award received in the category in the Dutch language. “Roxeanne Hazes is a parody of a singer. She is now a regular at De wereld Draait door – that she should not do that, because then she has to sing live. I have never had a beroepszangeres so false to hear you sing, she can absolutely nothing.”

Then explains Derksen explains why he thinks that Roxeanne is the Dutch equivalent of a Grammy-award won. “She has now won a prize for the best production, but I have also in the record industry worked. Look, if a picture of three minutes, then they put the music created by professional musicians and studiojongens – on the band and so miss each sentence, one for a vocal parts. Then there are flips made it and then they take the best phrases out. They stick to each other, and then you think you are a fantastic singer. At least, if you are a good engineer or producer.”

’Lousy singer’

The pregnant Roxeanne and her band the shapes this season, the house band of The World Runs By, in which they each last Friday of the month in the media broadcast of the tv program. This without success, says the former editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Voetbal International. “Then mrs. there live to sing and then drop them through the ice. Take it from me that it is a crappy singer.”

Derksen, was for many years manager of the blues band Cuby + Blizzards, and also weekly in the theatres, where he is seen with musicians for the show Johan Derksen, and the Pioneers of Nederpop.

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