How movie about three billboards activists inspires

37ed392016e4c529316b2e57a60c8040 - How movie about three billboards activists inspires

The film ‘Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri has activists inspired. Both in London and Florida appeared large red billboards with a provocative message.

For the burned-out Grenfell Tower in London there were three trucks with red billboards. The message? ‘71 the dead’, ‘And still no arrests?’, ‘How can this be?’ Just before they drove through the city itself.

In Florida, turned back three trucks for the office of Republican senator Marco Rubio with the inscriptions: ‘Man in school’, ‘And still no arms legislation’, ‘How is this, Marco Rubio?’ Thursday opened with a shooter since the fire in a high school. 17 people were killed.

The two separate actions are inspired by the award-winning film, Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Therein interferes with a woman’s peace and quiet in a rural village with three large billboards that they are the police asking why the rape and murder of her daughter has still not been resolved. The signs state ‘Raped while they die.” “And still no arrests?’. “How is that, commissioner Willoughby?’.

With the actions put the activists pressure on the authorities. In London, they find that the police investigation into the fire in the Grenfell Tower is still not enough has produced. “We are afraid that they are going to stretch, and that story slowly disappears into the background,” say the campaigners.

In Florida, the demonstration of the online activistenplatform Avaaz against the lax American wapenwetten as a result of the shooting in Florida. Florida is notorious for its lax arms legislation and Rubio, who the NRA supports, has never made any attempt to reform them’, says Avaaz.

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