Helicopter crash Mexico: 13 dead

00ca263fcf9ba936c7d88b6112753d13 - Helicopter crash Mexico: 13 dead

OAXACA – a helicopter crash in Mexico are thirteen people to the life to come. The military aircraft made with, among others, the minister of the Interior and the governor of the state of Oaxaca on board a inspectievlucht in the area that Friday was hit by an earthquake. By yet unknown cause collapsed for the landing in Santiago Jamiltepec down on a van and people that visit wanted welcome.

The fatalities, including three children, fell to the ground. Fifteen others were injured. That have the authorities Saturday confirmed. Initially, there was talk of two deaths. The minister was unharmed.

There are still no reports about any deaths and the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake. This had a strength of 7.2. The south of Mexico has recently been more frequently affected by natural disasters.

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