Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane divorce

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Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart divorce. “After a gathering of fourteen years, we have decided that the end of our marriage is the best decision for our family,” says the 45-year-old Dane in a statement against People.

“We remain friends and will work together as co-parents to our two beautiful daughters. They are the most important in the world for us. We hope you’ll enjoy our privacy while we are in this period of time to a next phase in our life to navigate.”

Actress Gayheart, known for movies like Jawbreaker and Scream 2, early separation on Friday at a court in Los Angeles. If the reason for separation, she brought with her irreconcilable differences.

Eric and Rebecca are the parents of the seven-year-old daughter Billlie and the six-year-old Georgia. Gayheart gives in the divorce papers that they, as parents, both the control and the upbringing of the two girls want to keep. Also, she wants to partner maintenance.

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