Frenkie de Jong understands fear Ajax-fans

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AMSTERDAM – Frenkie de Jong is critical of his own game and that of Ajax.

“The second half against FC Twente was just not good. That should not and at home, not at all. The first ten minutes were fine, with plenty of chances. And we know that we have enough quality. But it is still not really”, says The Young.

The talent is hiding, however, not behind the less rotating team and sticks the hand in his own bosom. “My game should be less flat than the last duels, because I find that I do not really opval. It is now normal, but it should once again be sparkling, so that the people in back of me can enjoy”, says the made defender’.

PEC Zwolle

De Jong says that it is – seen the game last Sunday and the gap of seven points with PSV to be able to imagine the fans in their heart holding on for PEC Zwolle-Ajax. “But I have confidence in a good result. PEC Zwolle is a good footballing team, but maybe it might be good that we have some space. The artificial turf should be no problem, because we also have players who are responding well from the feet can.”

In the interest of Ajax cijfert The Young themselves away. “There is already enough said about it. Of course, I think sometimes: put me now, but once again the midfield. But if the trainer wants me in the back stand, I play there.”

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