Francis wants Paul VI holy explain

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VATICAN city – Pope Paul VI this year will be holy, be explained, so pope Francis decided.

The Italian Paul VI in June 1963 chosen to be the successor to the popular pope John XXIII. He died in August 1978. Paul is perhaps most famous for his controversial encyclical Humanae Vitae (Of human life), which he the use of contraception as the pill and the condom banned.

Paul was in 2014 beatified after a first miracle was granted. Early this month approved a theological and medical commission of the Vatican a second miracle. A miracle is usually a medically inexplicable healing of someone. When two or more miracles, the pope, the blessed holy explain.


Paul, the third pope Francis since his arrival five years ago has made sacred. The others are John XXIII, who in 1963 died, and John Paul II, who in 2005 died.

In the Netherlands, Paul was responsible for the appointment of conservative bishops Ad Simonis (end of 1970) and Jo Gijsen (1972). Those appointments were referred to the influence of the ’ordinary’ believers on the bishop’s policy to reduce.

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