Forgotten girl (3) freezes to death on school playground

343392d4d47aa58cfacffacebea4dcce - Forgotten girl (3) freezes to death on school playground

Moscow – A 3-year old toddler is Friday frozen to death after a kindergarten teacher, the girl after the recess from the eye was lost. The girl who was after a search behind a big mound of snow found.

It was about -5 degrees Celsius, when the class of Zakhra Rzayeva fifteen minutes was going out to play. After a short break, the class went back inside. Only two hours later, the leaders of the playgroup found out that the girl was missing.

She was on the playground behind a mountain of snow found. The emergency services were turned on, but a remanimatiepoging proved to be too late. That writes the Daily Mail.

The Moscow police has started an investigation. The staff of the crèche denies that she is the girl to be alone for a long time have left.

A friend of the family says that Zakhra Rzayeva a few days earlier with swollen lips came back from a day at the playgroup. “She was always very nice in the nursery, but she said recently that she sometimes was afraid of certain teachers and master.”

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