Fierce criticism on the FBI due to massacre school

6ac4f48d7f4788797b1f264529352546 - Fierce criticism on the FBI due to massacre school

WASHINGTON – The FBI gets a lot of criticism because of a failure of a tip to investigate about the suspect of the bloody shooting at a school in Florida. Governor Rick Scott of Florida insists on the departure of FBI director Christopher Wray.

“It is unacceptable that the FBI, no action has been taken against this killer,” said Scott in a statement.

The FBI has admitted that mistakes were made in the run-up to the massacre. A known suspect Nikolas Cruz struck at the beginning of January the alarm about his behaviour, but that information would be nothing done.

The countermeasures made by phone message of “the arms of Cruz, his desire to kill people, his erratic behavior and alarming messages on social media,” according to the FBI. Also warned the caller that Cruz had coined at a school. The police acknowledged that the information given had to be at the FBI department in Miami, but that was not to be.

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