Dutch ‘war hero,’ wants his own book to film

a32c77876c14fba1a7df648a89ab07a6 - Dutch ‘war hero,’ wants his own book to film

The most famous Dutch military Marco kroon is working on a film about his time as a soldier in Afghanistan. The basis of the film is the book ‘Danger Close’, which Crown the heroic deeds describes where he was in 2009 the highest military award for received.

Director Roel Reiné, known from the movie ‘Michiel de Ruyter’, confirms that he is involved in the project.

Crown, in 2009, a knight of the Military order of william smitten because of the courage and heroic action, would like the consent and cooperation of the ministry of Defence. “Crown has the idea for the film was indeed submitted, and we look now’, confirms a spokesman of the ministry, after a message from RTL News.

According to RTL, wait for the ministry on the outcome of research from the public ministry to an incident in 2007 in Afghanistan. If that is so, could the spokesman of Defence does not confirm. Crown killed was an enemy to him in his own words had caught and held and tortured. Only ten years later he reported that the ministry of Defence.

The decorated war hero became rather discredited. In 2011, he was indicted for trafficking in drugs and arms trade. The court sentenced him only for illegal possession of weapons. He was acquitted of possession of cocaine.

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