Demonstration at Veiligheidsconferentie calm

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MUNICH – The demonstration against the Veiligheidsconferentie in Munich is Saturday, calmly expired. About 2000 demonstrators showed up in the centre of the Bavarian capital. That was the half less than the organization had expected. The dense snowfall was possible.

The protest march went from Karlsplatz towards Marienplatz, not far from the place where some 500 politicians and experts this week at the meetings about the humanitarian crises in the world, with slogans like ’no more war’, ’NATO override ” or ” War knows no winners’.

Except left-wing groups and activists of the Peace movement were also several Kurds. They were protesting primarily against the Turkish invasion in the region of Afrin. “No German weapons for Erdogans evil practices’, was translated on a banner to read. That was a reference to the Leopard-tanks that would have been used against the Kurdish YPG militia in the North-Syrian region.

Although there are also prohibited Kurdish symbols were seen fingering the police, that 4000 man devoted to the conference in Munich, not in. They limited themselves to the collection of evidence.

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