Cruise ship ’from hell’ docks after days of battles

7705ed4532ef5f911f9ea5501bc48042 - Cruise ship ’from hell’ docks after days of battles

MELBOURNE – A cruise ship on which a large family for days fighting between is docked in the Australian city of Melbourne. The 23 members of the family of the ship.

Passengers who were on board went for an idyllic holiday in the South Pacific Ocean, described, three days of chaos. The amok began on the night of Thursday to Friday in a nightclub. Since then caught the attention of the “big Italian family” according to passenger other passengers.

“Very violent”, she told the Australian edition of The Guardian. The family would take in people, the throat pulled and they have beaten.

Also other passengers to speak to the head and lacerations. “There are many people who bleed, people go down,” said a twenty-year-old passenger in a desperate call to his father.

On YouTube are violent images of the fights:

The crew would be insufficient to have interfered, and only after three days the family board. The Australian police are investigating the case.

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