Cocu is sick of it: “Lozano completely confused’

9b4d29ff71be409520273a4cd2c076d1 - Cocu is sick of it: "Lozano completely confused'

Hirving Lozano understands nothing of the red card he received from referee Dennis Higler in the home matches of PSV (2-2) against SC Heerenveen.

“I could not see it, it happened on the other side of the field,” said PSV coach Phillip Cocu. “Is Hirving completely confused, that it was a red card for got it.”

Lozano waved his arm back when he wegdraaide at Lucas Woudenberg. The Mexican seasoning of PSV hit the full of Heerenveen in the face.

Tear yourself away

“He was being held and wanted to tear yourself away to take his action forward in to convert”, said Cocu. “His hand came to the neck in Woudenberg, and not in the face. But then, the referee decides. We had ten people on and so the match winning, but that is unfortunately not succeeded. I am very sick of it. It was not needed. We had the contest well in hands, stood with 2-0. There was nothing wrong, until that red card.”

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