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Cant stores double win in Middelkerke: dagzege and ended in world cup

ad46e39639d1037dfeae7f1628a81cd0 - Cant stores double win in Middelkerke: dagzege and ended in world cup

The 27-year-old Sanne Cant (Iko-Beobank) Saturday the Noordzeecross, the eighth and final round of the Superprestige, on her name written. The world champion finished in Middelkerke, belgium separated from the Netherlands Maud Kaptheijns. Laura Verdonschot grabbed the final podium spot. In the final ranking is Cant also at the top back with a grand total of 107 points, Kaptheijns runs aground on two points.

Maud Kaptheijns took the best start. Behind the Dutch was followed by, amongst others Sanne Cant, Loes Sels and the Dutch Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado. Kaptheijns pulled sharply by and wanted to immediately take the cards shake. The Dutch had one point to make up on Cant, she wanted to be the eindlaureate. Kaptheijns pulled even with a small lead in the second round, followed by Cant and Del Carmen Alvarado. Loes Sels, Ellen Van Loy and Laura Verdonschot followed six seconds.

After about 15 minutes, thought that Cant be her moment has come. The world champion picked Kaptheijns, and ordered her immediately behind him. Sels took at the beginning of the third round at 0:13, with in her wheel Del Carmen Alvarado and Van Loy. To Kaptheijns her second breath found. The Dutch went on to a technical area on and about Cant. But Kaptheijns made in a strip of sand a mistake and saw so Cant plug it in again. Both ladies fought a fierce duel and drew it up in the final lap. For the last spot on the podium delivered Del Carmen Alvarado, Sels and Verdonschot also a grim fight.

Cant accelerated after the start of the last round and immediately hit a sore. Kaptheijns piled up the errors and looked as the world continues to rise for its spreading. Cant came no more into the problems and could have extended the zegegebaar, and immediately the third consecutive victory of the world champion in the world cup.

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