Breast cancer affects Blind Married-candidate

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Cancer protects no one. Also in Blind Married stores the disease. Damiano is very concerned with healthy food, he is already for the second time in a short time confronted with cancer. Damiano’s mom is, after all, for the second time in just thirteen years ‘ time in treatment for breast cancer. We saw her briefly in the VTM program are popping up and they blaakte of health. How can this be?

Myriam Fiore is the mother of Damiano, and was over thirteen years ago, a piece of her breast removing breast cancer. She testifies how the ground beneath her began to tremble when she was in June once again was diagnosed with breast cancer. Damiano had a clear message for his mom: even eating healthier and moving. But mama Myriam muttered. They didn’t want all those equipment in the gym go hang. But that was, according to his son is also not necessary. One simple bewegingstip sufficient, according to Damiano. Every day a half hour walk is enough according to Damiano enough movement to get. At least, if they have some extra on her diet would be to pay attention to. Myriam, if not even the vegetables to eat more of her son. “You are going to me my bone’t decrease?” begged she. But it worked…

Myriam weighed 94 kilos but lost thanks to the tips of her son 24 pounds overweight. Meanwhile, it was her complete breast removed and chemo behind her. Friends say that she gets healthy look. And Myriam admits that she feels good. Thirteen years ago, she was tired and grey in her face, but now she feels well. And they leave a special statement, record in The Newspaper. “If Damiano previously with the healthy diet was started, I might never have become sick.” Her body is more resilient thanks to the healthy diet, says Myriam. Pasta, cereals, chips, sandwiches with jam,… it disappeared all of the menu of Myriam and her husband. And she is now at her goal weight. Yet she wants to not have heard that she is on diet. Myriam calls it, after all, not a diet but a new lifestyle. And also Damiano is clear: “each additional year that I have with my parents is making a profit.”

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