Blogger who is a lawyer, Dutroux endangered free

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BRUSSELS – The Brussels blogger Cédric Z., the lawyer of the Belgian child molester and murderer Marc Dutroux has threatened, is Saturday conditionally released. Z. spread via social media a video in which he the book ’Why He should be released?’ – lawyer Bruno Dayez burns. The police grabbed him before Friday night.

After by the magistrate to be interrogated, if he Saturday. The blogger should not comment more on Dutroux, in 2004, sentenced to life imprisonment, and his advocate Dayez. He remains suspicious of what the public prosecutor “threats with a criminal attack.”

In the video, the plug Z. not only the offending book, he also makes clear that there is acts may follow against the lawyer, and calls on the population to revolt “in the name of the victims of this monster.” Dayez argues for a prison sentence up to 25 years to last because it is meant to be an inmate back into society.

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