ADO Den Haag enables ex-politician Melkert as chairman of the supervisory

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Ex-politician Ad Melkert goes to work at ADO Den Haag. The former leader of the Labour party and minister of Social Affairs, chairman of the supervisory board in the premiere league club from The Hague.

With John of Ringelenstein will also a prominent former chairman of ADO back. The 61-year-old Hagenaar saved ‘his’ club in 1994 of the financial ruin.

Melkert (62) and Of Ringelenstein go along with the Chinese John Yan (46) and Felix Wu Xue Song (42) the supervisory board forms at the club, which is still owned by the Chinese company United Vansen (UVS).

The foursome get it soon joined by a fifth commissioner who is nominated by the HFC ADO, formally, the licensee of the club.


It rumbled the last few years at the administrative level firmly by ADO, which led to financial problems. By the end of 2016, the Chinese owner Hui Wang by the enterprise chamber in Amsterdam suspended as chairman of the supervisory board and replaced by Ben Knüppe. The court explained the ownership of the UVS in the hands of Job van der Have. Together with Knüppe and general manager Mattijs Manders he brought the rest back to ADO.

“The reasons why we were here, are solved. The finances are in order,” said Knüppe, which are function transfers to Melkert on Saturday at a press conference in Cars Jeans Stadium.

“With the past is settled and we have a deposit taken in the future. The shareholder would continue to do so. The rest is returned in the boardroom. We have the relationship with the Chinese owner in a balanced manner restored, and there is a long-term commitment to ADO a structurally well-performing football club.”


Melkert, who over the past years, various diplomatic roles, including as a command given to a constructive relationship with the Chinese to ensure.

“It is for me as an avid soccer is a huge honor to have this opportunity to get. Such a big club, where already so much has happened, and that fortunately at this moment it is also in a good ‘flow’. But there is still a lot more possible”, said the former politician.

ADO is currently at the top of the middle of the Premier league. The team of coach Alfons Groenendijk picked up 32 points in 23 matches.

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