A new face in the Family

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It is the last time a come out of go with Family. The past few months, there are several characters gone, but now and again there are also new faces. This month will be this actress the cast of Family joining. Earlier this week it was the story of landed Oya launched and at the end of this month will also Inge’s come in. The role of Bobby will be played by Each Of Mello. More than five years after they for the first time in a Family show, returns Joe-the host of Each Of Mello, indeed, back to Family. Each was at the end of 2012 already in the Family is seen as a difficult customer of the Comet. It was a fairly small role perfectly with her other work to be combined. Soon dives Each back in the Family, this time as a date of Lars (Kürt Rogiers). Inge will be a not unimportant role in the daily soap. From February 26, will Each Of Mello a few times to see if Inge, a childhood friend of Marie (Lien Van de Kelder). Inge has a few secrets of Marie and those secrets would be Lars, but will like to know want to come….

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