Xander and Sophie de Buisonjé felt surrogacy ‘stressful’

c765ce7b158c583e25ee323d2f0b8eda - Xander and Sophie de Buisonjé felt surrogacy 'stressful'

Xander and Sophie de Buisonjé experienced the surrogacy as stressful. “The biggest difference was that the whole way towards it many stressvoller was (other than the natural pregnancy, ed.). All those ivf attempts, the disappointment as once again was not successful, calendars clearing, to America to fly…”

That, says the singer in an interview with Flair.

De Buisonjé has two children with his wife Sophie de Buisonjé and one son with presenter Wendy van Dijk. Are laatstgeboren child, daughter Céla-Lynn, was born via surrogacy.

“In 2013, it was determined that I have a tumor in my abdomen. That was a heavy time and a lot of the media made the assumption that this is where our marital problems came from. Unjustified, because that came only later,” says his wife in the dubbelinterview.

“All in all, we are there for four years been doing. Of course, there have been times that we thought: we break them. But that still felt a bit as giving up,” said Sophie de Buisonjé.

Xander de Buisonjé is looking forward to a future with older children and grandchildren. “These are the tropenjaren. It seems to me delicious when you only have the lust and not the burden.”

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