Wietze de Jager is a presenter at Net5

22a086aba5d4f4a90ed08e197d58dd85 - Wietze de Jager is a presenter at Net5

Wietze de Jager is the presenter of the Net5 program Your dream chasing: a French castle.

In the new program competing couples to a dream job of kasteelbeheerder in the French town of Quinéville. They are during the elimination race reviewed by the experts of the castle such as the gardener, restaurant owner and restoration expert.

Wietze de Jager describes the new program as a fairy tale. “To start a new life in another country: it is a dream for many. But to also direct the administrator to be of a castle, that sounds like a fairy tale. Therefore, I am very curious to know what the candidates are all from the cabinet to make their dream a reality.”

The broadcasts start in april. Recently it was announced that the former dj of Q-Music are radiocarrière repacked at Radio 538. Since march he has a own show. And though he is now also active on tv, he had previously know very back to desire for his own dream job: the radiomaken.

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