Watch Elvis Presley under the hammer

A watch that Elvis Presley received for the sale of 75 million records to celebrate, in may, will be auctioned in Geneva.

Watch Elvis Presley under the hammer

The 18-carat gold clock according to auction house Philips between 40,000 and 80,000 euros yield. Record label RCA dropped in the watch from jeweler Tiffany’s, the text ” For Elvis. 75 million records.’ engraving, with the date of december 25, 1960.

The current owner is a remarkable way to the watch come. His uncle was ever in the bar of hotel Sahara in Las Vegas, when Elvis city travel. The men admired each other luxury timepieces, and decided to swap. According to The Hollywood Reporter was The King more often in a spontaneous ruilactie, especially if the watches went.

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