Villa of the Pfaffs hit but not sold: another price drop

8483100f8ca286b941763b63341e2b59 - Villa of the Pfaffs hit but not sold: another price drop

She stands all of 2009 to purchase and is still the villa of Jean-Marie and Carmen Pfaff, where the reality tv series around the Pfaffs rotated, not sold. Time for a new fall in the price of the abode to the Guyotdreef in Brasschaat.

Who is the owner of the Pfaff-villa should be in there now 695.000 euros. That is 100,000 euro less than a month ago, and 200,000 euros less than at the end of 2017. In 2009, the asking price still 1.850.000 euro. A serious price drop, so. The villa disused for many years, not sold because there is a lawsuit pending on the property because of a buyer of the necessary money together could get. That lawsuit is now of the job and wait for the house now to a new buyer.

The house, where for years the VTM-reality tv series ‘The Pfaffs’ was recorded, is being sold by real estate agency Accent of daughter Lyndsey Pfaff and her husband, Dave. The villa is situated on a domain of 3.560 square metres and in addition to an indoor pool and tennis courts, there is also an apartment connected to it. Ideal so if possible kangoeroewoning.

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