Verhoeven goes into summer new movie run

fd112d5dee204c3a4626a4a9089c3ee5 - Verhoeven goes into summer new movie run

Director Paul Verhoeven will in August start with the shooting of his new movie Blessed Virgin. That has its French manufacturer, according to trade journals reported at the Berlin film Festival. The Dutch filmmaker announced the project about a lesbian nun last year.

The erotic drama is an adaptation of the book Immodest Acts author Judith C. Brown. The book tells about the life of lesbian nun Benedetta Carlini, who in the renaissance lived in a monastery in Italy. Brown based her novel, which she in the eighties, has published research in the archives of Florence.

The Belgian actress Virginie Efira is going to play the leading role. The scriptwriter of the Blessed Virgin is Gerard Soeteman, with whom Verhoeven in the Netherlands previously, the successful films, Soldier of Orange, Turkish delight and black book.

For the project, Verhoeven along with production company: SBS Productions, with whom he had previously also the thriller Elle made. His first film in ten years selected for competition at Cannes and won dozens of awards, including two Golden Globes.

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