US: Turkey allowed its borders to protect

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ANKARA – The United States acknowledge that Turkey has the right to have borders to protect. That has the American minister Tillerson (Foreign Affairs) said Friday after talks in the Turkish capital of Ankara. Tillersons Turkish colleague Cavusoglu said that there are steps taken to the inter-linkages to improve. Who are the past few weeks under tension.

Tillerson is on a two-day visit and has more ’open and productive’ spoken with president Erdogan. Tillerson stressed that both countries have the same goal in Syria, namely the defeat of IS, more security, bring in an independent and united Syria.

Also Ankara said that there is work being done to the weather normalization of the relations between the two countries. That is the last time, stretched, by a Turkish military operation against the Kurdish YPG in the northwest of Syria. That fought with us support against IS. Ankara considers the YPG, however, if a terrorist group.

’Offensive Manbij expanding’

Turkey wants to be offensive to expand it to the also by the Kurds controlled the place Manbij. There have the United States, however, own troops are stationed that work with Kurdish fighters. Ankara wants the Americans out of there.

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