Tv journalist Piers Morgan voted “villain of the year’, the top Trump and Kim Jong-Un

87ae2c308ef015cfe9396c552a73a134 - Tv journalist Piers Morgan voted "villain of the year', the top Trump and Kim Jong-Un

British journalist and tv presenter Piers Morgan has entertainmentmagazine NME, the questionable title of ‘villain of the year’ (‘villain of the year’). Readers of the magazine elected him as the most hated person of the year. Morgan ‘beats’ will include Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un and Theresa May, all nominated in the same category.

Morgan is known for his controvesiële style and the fact that the confrontation is not afraid. That provides him addition to an audience of loyal followers is also a considerable group of fierce opponents. According to NME, Morgan is also one of the most abhorred persons in the world.

The presenter of ‘Good Morning Britain’ by the readership of NME even more hated than North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and U.s. president Donald Trump, as now appears to be out of the mood. British prime minister Theresa May, minister for Health Jeremy Hunt and the conservative columnist Katie Hopkins were also among the ‘contenders’, but impose also the thumbs against Morgan.

The journalist responded, in style, with a decent dose of sarcasm. “I’ve just received the fantastic news heard that I was by the magazine NME and the readership to ‘Villain of the Year’ was awarded,” said Morgan in a message that was broadcast on Good Morning Britain. “Apparently I, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Jeremy Hunt and anyone who Katie Hopkins is called – whoever they may be – reports. It is clearly deeply flattering. I win not a lot of prices, so I am very touched.”

“Thank you, NME. I don’t have the actual trophy because I am here in Hollywood am, a place where the most of you, or your readers, will never come,” he kicked Morgan in the end. “The NME is clear that rockmuziekmagazine that is read and created by furry, scruffy, slightly smelly people who go to music festivals and say things like ‘Hey man, Zeppelin rock man’.”

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