Turkey wants to be with US in Syrian territory Manbij

742b9c55e71018a3490468ca20c408ea - Turkey wants to be with US in Syrian territory Manbij

ISTANBUL, Turkey, the United States proposed to the troops of both countries together to deploy in the Syrian region of Manbij. The Kurdish YPG-fighters should then withdraw east of the Euphrates river. That has a Turkish official said.

The proposal is submitted to the American minister of Foreign Affairs Tillerson, who is on a two-day visit in the Turkish capital of Ankara. That visit seemed in advance what uncomfortable, because Turkey thinks that America is the Syrian-Kurdish YPG supports, while Turkey as terrorists is considered. In recent weeks fanned there is also quite a bit of anti-American sentiments in Turkey over the world.

’Open and productive conversation”

Tillerson and president Erdogan, however, have a ’open and productive’ conversation had to strengthen ties, said a spokesman of the Us ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also Ankara said that there is work being done to the weather normalization of the relations between the two countries.

Since January 20, performs the Turkish army, a military operation against the YPG in the northwest of Syria. Turkey wants the offensive to expand it to the also by the Kurds controlled the place Manbij. There have the United States, however, own troops are stationed that work with Kurdish fighters. Ankara wants the Americans out of there.

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