’Tout le monde’ on veiligheidscongres Munich

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MUNICH – a High-ranking visit in the coming days in Munich. There’s talk world leaders at the annual international veiligheidsconferentie. Our prime minister Rutte is there, but also the Russian minister Lavrov (Foreign Affairs) and the British prime minister May. That speecht Saturday about the brexit, and about the future cooperation with the EU.

Among others, UN secretary-general António Guterres, sheikh Tamim al-Thani (Qatar), and the Ukrainian president Porosjenko keep Friday a speech. Mark Rutte is doing Friday night on a panel and Saturday at a breakfast session. He also has a number of bilateral talks. Minister Ank Bijleveld (Defence) hold Saturday a talk on biosecurity and speaks a number of foreign colleagues. Sunday is the turn to prime minister Netanyahu (Israel), and several U.s. senators.

It is the 54th edition of the conference. The three-day meeting to exchange more than thirty heads of government and heads of state, more than a hundred ministers, and numerous senior military and people from the civil society and business views on international security issues.

Fireside Chat

On the program many panel discussions, including under the heading Fireside Chat (chat by the fireplace), but with, for example, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

In a small setting, for example, talked about the Sahel, about jihadism after the caliphate, on the countries between Russia and Europe’, Saturday evening very late, under the heading of nightcap. session: where we have to wake up at night from lying. This meeting is off the record and only for participants shall include in the program.

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