Topchirurg with complications in The Good Doctor

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VTM brings The Good Doctor to Flanders, an American topreeks that all kijkcijferrecords did die in the United States and also in o.a. Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands great impression. From 2 march, VTM, every Friday at 22.25, after Belgium’s Got Talent, an episode on the program. Actor Freddie Highmore put for his role is already a Golden Globe nomination in the bag. The mastermind behind the series David Shore, creator of the even though atypical ziekenhuisserie House M. D.
Socially inept, taciturn, and extremely cocky. Not right away properties of a topchirurg. The young Shaun Murphy has the so-called savantsyndroom, an autistic disorder. Despite his limitation, he tries to make it to the prestigious surgical unit of the St. Bonaventure hospital in San José. While he made his way in a completely new world, he must together with his only supporter, Dr. Aaron Glassman, the sceptical directors and his associates convince that his extraordinary way of thinking can save lives…

Freddie Highmore is an ex-kindster which the transition is made to vowassen roles. He started his acting career as 12-year-old boy next to Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet in the award winning Finding Neverland. Afterwards, he was seen in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Bates Motel. Highmore was immediately sold when he the script of The Good Doctor under the eyes was: “I love the optimism of Shaun, his hopeful look at life and the fact that he always tries to find the good in people. That is refreshing in a hospital, where, daily, as much as grief.”

In addition to Highmore shines in The Good Doctor o.a. also Nicholas Gonzalez (Pretty Little Liars, The Flash), who in the role of Dr. Neil Melendez, the hoofdchirurg of St. Bonaventure. He is an expert in his profession, but refuses the skills of Shaun to recognize and put him on a siding. Beau Garrett (Tron; Criminal Minds) works in the hospital as a legal assistant and hopes to be able to prove that they are more than just the granddaughter of the founder. Antonia Thomas (Misfits; Lovesick) plays chirurge Claire Browne. Little by little, she learns Shaun know and takes him under her wings.

Episode 1:
The young autistic doctor Shaun Murphy moves from the countryside of Wyoming to San José in a prestigious hospital specialist to surgeon to complete. Some of the new colleagues are very skeptical about his arrival due to his autistic disorder. On the way to the hospital encounter Murphy in an emergency, and he will get immediately the opportunity to have exceptional medical insight.

The Good Doctor, every Friday at 22.40 at VTM, Belgium’s Got Talent

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