Three well-known journalists in Turkey sentenced to life

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On the day of the release of Deniz Yücel, a German-Turkish correspondent of die Welt, which for months was in prison in Turkey, a Turkish court to three prominent Turkish journalists for alleged ties with the Gülenbeweging to a life imprisonment.

Ahmet Altan, the former editor-in-chief of the now opgedoekte newspaper Taraf, and his brother, professor of economy and author Mehmet Altan, go away lifetime behind bars. The same fate is reserved for journalist Nazli Ilicak, who are critical uitliet about the government, and three members of Taraf. That made the state news agency Anadolu on Friday known.

Yücel was earlier in the day, although under heavy pressure from Berlin, conditionally released, but the progress still eighteen years in prison against the journalist. The brothers, Altan and Ilicak were shortly after the couppoging of July 2016 is picked up. The government considers the islamic movement in American exile vertoevende preacher Fethullah Gulen is responsible for the failed coup.

Ilicak (74) was in 2013 fired by the pro-government newspaper Sabah because she ministers had criticized that were involved in a corruption scandal, according to NTV and CNN-Turk. In 2015, she founded the newspaper Özgür Düsünce , a Gulen-linked newspaper. The brothers, Altan wrote for media who were critical of the Turkish government. In the country are currently about one hundred and fifty journalists and persmedewerkers in the cell.

In January had the Turkish constitutional court for the release of Mehmet Altan ordered. A court in Istanbul blocked however, in that decision. The secretary-general of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, months Turkey on Friday for its own constitution to respect. “If decisions of the constitutional court cannot be executed, the rule of law is undermined,” he said for prospective judges and magistrates in Ankara.

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