Three million viewers saw Sven Kramer lose

84fab7b7b36e1942cf931c2947bda447 - Three million viewers saw Sven Kramer lose

Three million people were Thursday afternoon glued to the tube for the 10 km skate at the Olympics. That it appears from the figures of Foundation for sight examination. The viewers were witness of the victory of Canadian Ted-Jan Bloemen, the silver Jorrit Bergsma and the disappointing sixth place for Sven Kramer.

The overview of the most significant Olympic moments of the day, summarized in the program Pyeongchang today, drew 1.8 million viewers on NPO 1. The top of the kijkcijferlijst is dominated by the transmitter, with 2.2 million viewers for the NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours and 1.5 million for The world runs by.

The second episode of the health check on RTL4 knew 666.000 viewers riveted. There are a lot less than in the first episode. Looked nearly 900.000 people to the program with presentatieduo Wendy van Dijk en Ruben Nicolai.

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