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This was twitterend the Netherlands of the loss of Sven Kramer

bbb134c07470d5724b782a778ccd5edf - This was twitterend the Netherlands of the loss of Sven Kramer

3 million people saw how Sven Kramer’s victory misliep at the Olympic Winter games of Pyeongchang. Twitterend the Netherlands responded in droves to the loss of Sven, and the profit of Jorrit Bergsma.

Unfortunately, it was Kramer, not in form, but some people could not understand. “It seemed like he just laps reed and all the way no contest!” Another Twitterer said: “It feels like I own the 10 km have lost.”

Jorrit Bergsma

While Sven Kramer sixth was, there were still other people who do have a medal achieved. Jorrit Bergsma went there with the silver paste off. Also the CELEBRITIES are proud Jorrit, which is evident from the tweets of Monique Smit and Tijs van den Brink.


The gold medal was seized by Canadian Ted-Jan Bloemen. The skater for Canada, however, just Dutchman. In the Netherlands, succeeded him in 2010 and 2014 in order to qualify for the winter Olympics, to the father of Flowers, his son suggested the possibility for Canada to go for a drive. So was the loss of Sven, still a Dutch victory.

Sven the hero

Where Sven still won, was outside the orbit. The skater was praised for how well he dealt with the loss. “I just don’t have the top form, I was not comfortable in,” he admits. No excuses, just honesty: and thus Sven was still a hero.

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