This is the extreme right-wing club of Nikolas Cruz, killer

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Republic of Florida, a white-nationalist haatgroep, was quick to say that archer Nikolas Cruz ‘one of them’. Who are they and why do they do that?

A gunman who is at least 17 students shoots his old school: few people would someone want to associate. Jordan Jereb, the leader of the far-right haatgroep Republic …

A gunman who is at least 17 students shoots his old school: few people would someone want to associate. Jordan Jereb, the leader of the far-right haatgroep Republic of Florida (ROF), did that immediately. “He was a member of our organisation,’ he sent Thursday to several media and to the Anti-Defamation League (an American watchdog against racism). Cruz was, according to him at least once to a paramilitary training of the group, together with other young people from his district. And he would certainly be one weapon via ROF have been given.


‘Feminism is a cancer”

“I want this not to glorify, but he did it very efficient’ left Jereb mentioned against reporters ofThe Daily Beast. “He used that training is likely to are shooting for to prepare. He was that dedicated, he just flipped.”

According to news channel ABC pulled Cruz and Jereb ever together (even though they lived 700 miles apart). And Cruz was at school and social media have indeed spotted with a red ” Make America Great Again’-pet. Classmate Josh Charo (16) heard Cruz say, ” my people (white people, red.) the world industrialiseerden, while you are blacks and latinos just to take up space.’

Jereb speculated also eager about the reasons why Cruz youth wanted kills. “He was a normal, injured white boy. Perhaps there were many Jewish children at the school with him rommelden. Or if he had problems with a girl.” According to Jereb is it possible that Cruz is the reason why this after Valentine’s day did. ‘Feminism is a cancer, ” he said to The Daily Beast.

Credible or aandachtshoer?

Remarkable: by Friday morning, there were already comments made in what Jereb had told. Extreme right-wing forums called him a aandachtshoer. The Anti-Defamation League, said that only the police with 100 percent certainty, can confirm whether or not there is a link between ROF and the shooter. And according to another antiracismegroep, the Southern Poverty Law Center, pleaded Jereb for years, regularly to keep their attention, while many other extreme right-wing groups that just don’t do this’.

ROF seems to be so mainly want to present. In two different directions even. In the mainstream media is the shooting a reason to get their ideas to spread, and as ‘normal’. And in the extreme right-wing niche media (such as the racist forumGab), hammering them on their own hobby horses. Jereb said on Gab Friday, even that Cruz still maybe not with the group is heard (“We have several members with the name Nick’) and that the ‘Jewish media, his words distorted’. All rather confusing, but a tried and tested strategy. After the demonstration in Charlottesville were extreme right-wing groups also quickly false information to spread and Russian trolls do that quite often after violent incidents.

Memes and rapsongs in place of arguments

But what kind of club is ROF? They describe themselves as ” white separatist, paramilitary, and

protofascistisch’. They want a apartheidssamenleving without other ethnic minorities. And they are willing to, also there’s violence.

ROF is small, but part of an already existing underbelly in the U.S. (DS-3 February). The white young men that violence, racism, and haatprediken completely normal. It often starts with misogyny. Members learn very quickly to also gays, jews, and progressive people (they like to ‘communists’) to hate. Their intellectual level is low.

ROF (and the dozens of other local groups that do the same) should have the ‘aandachtseconomie’ on the internet. Because they know that they contradicted will be if they use arguments in a debate. Therefore, their website even has a guide with the title ” do not argue with liberals, they spread just memes. (Memes are pictures with a simple, sloganesk caption, in this case of the hateful kind). ‘You win through the game is not to play ” the guide recommends. On Youtube spread Jereb a rap song that Hitler glorified.

The extreme right is not a priority for Trump

Combine such incendiary haatgroepjes with many weapons (and a lot of social problems), and you get a ticking time bomb. From a database of the U.s. Centre for investigative journalism reveals that between 2008 and 2016, two keerzoveel geweldincidenten by the extreme right were in the U.S. by muslim terrorists. Nevertheless, Trump the government agency against ‘violent extremism’ on the job to fully focus on muslim terrorism, and not on the extreme right. Former FBI agent Michael German warned in The Nation for a worldview that ” terrorists only recognize if they wear a headscarf and white terrorism ignores. Agents not only know too little about extreme right-wing, but there is even active resistance to it as terrorism.”

Five months ago, told someone the FBI about a disturbing movie that Cruz posted. “I will be a professional schoolschutter,” he said in it. The FBI interrogated him, but nothing further was done. Until February 15.

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