Thirteen Russians accused of interference in American elections

abb6586ee8d88483f891c17dac8bf5f5 - Thirteen Russians accused of interference in American elections

The American court has thirteen Russians and three Russian institutions accused for ‘interference in the elections and in the political process of the United States’. That special prosecutor Robert Mueller Friday through a press release to let us know.

They are all accused of a plot to the US to mislead. Three of them are also accused of bankfraude and five others of the theft of identities, according to the press release.

The plot would aim ‘to interfere in the political process and the elections of the U.S., including the presidential elections of 2016’, which were won by Donald Trump.

The indictment specifies that Yevgeny Prigozin, an ‘ally’ of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, the group financed with the strategic goal to divide and conquer in the American political system. He has also since the mid-2016, the campaign of Trump supported at the expense of Hillary Clinton, says the also. He would ‘without their knowledge’, members of the team of Trump have contacted.

The team of attorney Mueller is looking for evidence of the presumed intervention of the Russians in the American elections to Trump support in the fight against Clinton, and also examines whether there is cooperation of Russians with the campaign team of Trump or Trump has tried to research on them to work against.

Three members of the team of Trump have been indicted, including ex-director Paul Manafort. The former counselor for national security Michael Flynn has admitted that he told the FBI has lied and has agreed to with the court to work together.

President Trump rejects all the allegations about the cooperation of his team with the Russians. Moscow also rejects all the accusations from the US to their address to be made.

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