Temptation Island: Megan dives into bed with Joshua

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The first campfire in this edition of Temptation Island was a Thursday night and it rolled immediately to tears. We were not only tears of sadness to see, there were also tears of happiness. One couple seems to be so strong in their shoes that it seems that they run in their success: all of the temptation at Temptation Island resist.

Vanessa gives her partner quite a lot of freedom: Jeremy may have a good time during his stay at the resort and that he does also. But for now, everything remains the particular innocent and also he will get nothing to see what is not acceptable.

Tears to Deborah at the sight of her images. She and her friend Tim are four days separated from each other and both have it hard. Tim is a purpose in Temptation Island: he wants to be his girlfriend after the end at the marriage questions and he is so firmly convinced that he and Deborah the ultimate relatietest going to survive. Debora gets tears of happiness at the sight of the images of Tim. Also, Tim gets brave images of Debora to see and howl at the campfire. This is real love, that much is for sure.

Danielle and Mezdi take part because he had cheated. With the participation in Temptation Island gets Mezdi last chance to prove himself. But the images that Danielle of her Mezdi will see are not really positive: “he lets her kisses and he loves her also, fixed”, responding Danielle. The images of Mezdi that with one of the verleidsters the sea is going to be there for Danielle too much. Mezdi bothers herself to a sensual dance during her date, but this is the stocking for him. Seducer Fabrizio notes that Danielle hurt is and he talks to her.

For Megan were already emotional day because she feels a lot of love and affection of a tempter, Joshua. Megan was already five times by her partner Kevin cheated but Megan is so sweet and naive that they him each and every time a chance. Joshua has her during the first days of the stay at the resort with the nose on the facts, and that makes quite a deep impression on Megan. She realizes that there are other and, especially, better men than Kevin and sobbed all in tears in the arms of the tempter, Joshua.

Megan looked forward to the first campfire because they got that way the chance to its Kevin (on screen) to be seen and his voice heard. But the ruling could Megan quickly regret. The images of Kevin in the hammock with two verleidsters heels deeply in to Megan. Megan sees Kevin only things that he is absolutely not allowed to do. And then the worst is yet to come: Kevin insults Megan in a conversation with the verleidsters: Megan is koekerond, which means that Megan is stupid. “Dom that I have him reversed, yes,” responds Megan.

Kevin sees images of a crying Megan, but those images do nothing against him, at least that he claims. But on the resort save the doubt to Kevin: he is afraid that the sweet words of Joshua ever impression could make on Megan. And let Joshua just now perfectly positioned to Megan energize and continue. In no time, makes Megan a 180° turn: she is looking for the company of Joshua. ‘It is nice. It is coarse to say, but I feel really happy. I felt for the first time in a year really well again, fortunately, just myself.” But we are not convinced. Megan was clearly tipsy and in the course of the evening the full error: without of something, someone or the camera’s something to put on, kissing Megan and Joshua loose. The evening ends with just a little more than what flirting: the other tourists are there to witness how Megan and Joshua in her bed to give it their all. “It is really out of hand”, responded Joshua. “I have a new side of myself and discovered,” concludes Megan. They took revenge for what she and Kevin did earlier. What impact this will have, will in the coming weeks.

On RTL Boulevard told Megan that she regrets the fact that she had sex with Joshua. “That sex was not needed, and that was perhaps not the good way, but at that moment it seemed just fine”, told Megan to RTL Boulevard. “I don’t really regret compared to Kevin, but sorry to myself that I have so little respect have shown to myself in front of the camera.” Well, Megan and the whole of Flanders and the Netherlands has now, however, seen.

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