Temptation Island episode 4: The first time sex?

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Temptation Island episode 4: The first time sex?

Last week popped Mezdi the sea with a topless lady, and boasted Danielle and Fabrizio in tears. The campfire is getting closer and that means that the couples for the first time each other’s images and that are, in some cases, not exactly nice. Let’s see what the damage is…

Day four has begun, and Tim makes the men wake up in his own way. On the vrouwenresort starts the morning also. Vanessa starts the day in the hut for positive vibes. They will not to cry. You go girl! Megan starts her day however with doubts. She feels guilty about her nice evening with Joshua.

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On the manneneiland everyone is already awake, except for Mezdi. He would be somewhere intertwines with a lady or is he just in bed? Laetitia tells Maxime how her adventure in the sea with Mezdi and tells that nothing exciting has happened. When the cameras are not there it is a different story, then the hands a little looser, ” she says. Meanwhile, awakens Mezdi and it does not seem as if he regrets. A cosy night “with mate” as he calls it.

Megan hopes to get good images, but is also happy for Kevin to be able to hear and see. Mezdi is not afraid, but mostly curious. His wife Danielle is also not afraid, just nervous. Ensure the images for baking with tears or a smile from ear to ear. What’s it gonna be?

The sun has given way to the moon and the campfire is crackling. The first turn is, is Vanessa. She is the first to see images in which Tim says that she and Jeremy are in a dip and they join in to Temptation. Deborah stands with open mouth and Vanessa dispels this immediately. The second clip is from a party where he is to his meaning, and not once looks up at the twerkende buttocks for his nose. Vanessa takes a quiet breath, as Jeremy has to his meaning and his girl to stay true.

The first thing that Jeremy gets to see is Vanessa which proclaims that there is no temptation for her is on the resort. Then he sees one of the leaders who self-designates as the better version of Jeremy. He was not impressed: “cat in the cup,” he says firmly. Tim appears with Deborah on the image with the beautiful welcome message ‘no girls allowed, only Deborah Leemans’. She begins to cry and whispers how sweet she finds. Deborah: “tears of happiness”.

It should be clear that Tim’s girlfriend, Deborah, really miss. He saves through, because he knows that at the end of this adventure on his knees will go and Deborah the big question will be set. “She is my wife”, said Tim. The first thing he sees and hears is how bad Deborah miss him and then start also with him the tears to walk away.

Up next is Megan. Temptation is the last chance for Kevin and Megan hopes, therefore, for good images. They will get to see how Kevin in a hammock is with a lady. There is a murmur, the subtitle offers a solution: “you have your legs open”. It is clear that he is not in inlag with one lady, but even with two. His hand was between the legs of Yasmin. On the second image Kevin hand-in-hand with Cherish. There’s a third image, which to hear is that Kevin Megan behind her back ‘stupid’ calls. This does not look bright for Kevin…

The couples do not know what they are to look at each other. Hence, Kevin still is sure of his case. Then, he sees Joshua talking with Megan, and he hears all doubts about their relationship from her mouth. “Does it just hurt, because I realize that he never of me has held” is heard from the mouth of Megan. A nervous chuckle sounds out of Kevins mouth. “They have only me talking, so I don’t see anything wrong, hear”. You know that very sure, Kevin?

In the end Danielle and Mezdi to the turn. The screen is filled with the champagnescène of Laetitia and Mezdi. Daniëlle look surprised and glanced at how Laetitia tells where Mezdi on her arm and between her legs was. The three ladies spinning the same to Danielle, and waiting for her reaction, but she remains silent. The second clip is the moment when Mezdi Laetitia embraces and find him licking his ear. The third fragment, where they are now quite anxious for is, is the nighttime dive with the topless Zwanetta, Maxim and Laetitia. Danielle: “no words for it, let me put it this way”.

The campfire is closed with Mezdi. He sees Fabrizio, also known as Coloring, with her in the pool, but is scared of anything. Mezdi: “I’m happy that they go her way and can be contacted. I get it here not stuffy”. The second clip is also from Fabrizio and he talks about the chemistry between him and Danielle. Then follows a clip of their date. It seems like Mezdi start to sweat after seeing the intimate dance between her and Fabrizio. “I would not approve, but she looks good in that jumpsuit”. But that’s not the point, Mezdi.

On the way home let Danielle and Megan their emotions run free. It is high in Danielle, and she decides the hut. The fact that he is no trouble and its just on the side has thrown does her pain. “The Netherlands will see what a pig you are”.

Now that Was so emotional, Fabrizio’t leave to be with her. He tries her comfort, and of course her bit by bit for him to drop. “It is anything but you”. Seducer or not, Danielle has a lot on his words.

In the men prevail, there are mixed feelings. Most think after the campfire has nothing to fear, but the adventure lasts for ten long days. Enough time for the leaders to keep their relationships apart.

Megan is still thinking of the images of Kevin and how he made her naive and stupid called. Fortunately, it is Joshua there to listen and help her to lift.

Megan is not the only one who is times. Kevin realizes that Joshua sometimes a nerve can be hit with Megan and that went really wrong can mean. “I was really stupid busy.” A little late, Kevin, don’t you think? He sees, however, in that it’s hard, given the mistakes that he has in the past made. The only thing he can do is hope that their bond is stronger than a giant’s mistakes.

Meanwhile, Megan once again happy and she can talk again about Kevin. Really positive it is not, because she calls him a whore and a mannenslet. It was his last chance and that he has completely ruined. He has even ruined that Megan now himself, Joshua looks up for a dance on the dance floor. “For the first time in years I feel good about myself and happy,” says Megan. She has all her lives from her head set, and is now starting to really enjoy it.

Joshua sees that Megan, her mindset has changed and feels that it is time to strike. “I already have a few times said that it is dangerous what she is doing” and he called it even challenging. A hug here, a kiss there. Megan does not think about the cameras, but clearly to himself. While Kevin hopes that Megan her head is already a little out of hand, as Joshua says.

The images speak for themselves. Everyone at the resort has by that Joshua and Megan are gone and they decide to luistervinkje to play at the door of their room. Vanessa: “you heard that she likes had within it”. The first real broken relationships on Temptation is a fact.

How will things develop now with Megan and Kevin? Is Danielle the same approach to take, if Megan, or she remains faithful to Mezdi? Check it every Thursday on RTL 5 at 20:30 or immediately after the broadcast on the Metronieuws!

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