Surviving shooting Columbine: “Try pain not to supplant’

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The deadly shooting last Wednesday in Parkland, Florida, brought traumatic memories in Austin Eubanks. As a seventeen year old student he narrowly survived the shooting at the Columbine High School. ‘Let your emotions run wild’, is his advice for victims and survivors.

It was april 20, 1999, and in the American spot Columbine, Colorado be all it that it a just a normal Tuesday would be. In the library of the local high school, Austin Eubanks all weekendplannen to do with his best friend. They would go fishing.

To two wanted gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the school was invaded, thirteen people koudweg murdered and then committed suicide. Most of the victims fell in the library, including also the friend that Eubanks would go fishing.

He survived the attack, and it seemed the physical damage at all even to fall. His knee, hit by a bullet, was the worst of all. The biggest blow came later: Eubanks hit in less than a month’s time addicted to the painkillers that the doctors had prescribed. “I abused the medication because I did not know how to deal with the trauma that I had incurred. In place of pain a place to try, I tried to push’, says Eubanks against the British newspaper The Guardian.


Of pain relievers went on to ecstasy, and then cocaine. Already after a few months he was hooked, back to rehab lasted longer than twelve years. “I hope that the victims of the shooting in Parkland have survived, dare to give their emotions free rein, and not try everything to suppress with the help of medication’, says Eubanks. “Physical pain, maybe you would still address only and only by drugs, with emotional pain that does not work.’

Eubanks: “you can recover from a trauma, you need to accept that you have one. Of course, like all victims are quickly emotionally feel better, but there is a great deal of courage is needed.’

Deep shock waves

The impact of the many shootings in the United States on the society is, according to Eubanks is many times greater than the hundreds of victims of the past few years. He believes that there is a direct link between the many shootings in the country and the high number of Americans are addicted to all kinds of painkillers.

“Under any incident, suffering not only the direct victims, but also their family members, their friends, the helpers and all the witnesses. Time and time again, there will be deep shock waves through the society hunted’, concludes Eubanks.

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