‘Snowstorm nekte ‘ Groundhog Day’

Bill Murray looks 25 years after the premiere of his comedy classic Groundhog Day back. ,,I knew right away that we have a great movie had made. But during the opening weekend due to a snow storm the cinemas are empty.”

‘Snowstorm nekte ' Groundhog Day’

As the cynical weatherman Phil ended up Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (1993) in a time loop from which he cannot escape. Every day he woke up in Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania. With every day the same song on the clock radio (I’ve got you, babe by Sonny & Cher), and each of the same job on the program: report of the movements of the bosmarmot, which traditionally is a (weather-)predictive value is attached. Time and time and time again.

,,The movie was a particularly good idea of the writer Danny Rubin at the foundation,” he says during an interview with The Telegraph. ,,All during the filming I knew that we have gold in hands. Only started it on the Friday that the movie came out heavily snowing. The whole of the American east coast, from Maine to deep in Florida, had to contend with the heaviest snowstorm in more than ten years time.”

,,Finally brought Groundhog Day to the first weekend, but 12 million dollars. What is not so very bad, but also not good,” he says with regret in his voice. ,,All the movie tickets were due to the bad weather only west of the Mississippi river, and sold.”

Yet this Harold Ramis-film – about routine, predictability, and love as a crowbar to change – ultimately to become a comic classic. Punxsatawney there was even a sought-after tourist destination. Funny thing is that Groundhog Day is there for playing, but it was not included. Because that happened in the much less distant Woodstock, Illinois.

Bill Murray is currently in Berlin for the movie, Wes Andersons animated film Isle of Dogs, in which his voice lends to a dog. The actor, who is notoriously hard to reach and even no mobile phone has, since Rushmore (1998) in virtually all films of this particular director. ,,I have an internal barometer that moves when Wes again something wants to go. If I contact him now, it is usually touch.”

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