Slugfest on cruise ship

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Eden – The captain of the cruise ship Carnival Legend has a fighting group of passengers on board rolled.

In the Australian Eden it was the mob under the guidance of the police of the ship met. Passengers that the disputes experienced, speak out against local media of the ’cruise from hell’.

At the peak, or better the low, flew two groups of thirty passengers each other in the hair on the Lido Deck. The ship was at full sea. They threatened each other overboard to throw and there was a swinging of the blades.

Witnesses told The Herald Sun that they are terrified to their hut had fled the hut and himself had locked up. Instigator of all the misery would be like one big family.


All the security guards had to be deployed to the fighters from the other. On video is to see that the employees on people lying on the ground in spades. Several passengers suffered injuries to the head and body.

The been arrested but passengers were given ’house arrest’ in their cabin. Six adult males, three teenagers, and fourteen of their family members were at the next port of the ship.

Delete photos

Eyewitnesses to complain in the Australian media now that the security guards forced them photos and videos from their phones to remove it.

Carnival Cruise Lines says in a statement that a large majority of the guests of their ten-day tour enjoy. Security has, according to them, adequately intervened when a small group of the rules violated.

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