Seksbeluste Oxfambaas promised girl (16) golden mountains

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Port au Prince – Oxfambaas Roland Van Hauwermeiren had six months of weekly sex with an underage woman. He paid the Haitian between 79 and 158 pounds at a time. In addition, he promised a vacation and a job, which never came. “I needed the money to make my baby eat.”

That tells a now 23-year-old woman who, from her sixteenth to share the bed with the dismissed former head of the British branch of Oxfam Novib.

The 68-year-old Of Hauwermeieren ’visited’ her for six months, twice a week, she says in the Daily Mail. The Haitian met him once by coincidence on the street.

The Belgian was at the head of the Oxfam-mission that aid granted after the terrible earthquake of 2010, 220.000 dead demanded and 1.5 million people homeless and left.

Van Hauwermeiren lived at the time in a country house with swimming pool on the top of a hill known as the ‘eagle’s nest’. Oxfam paid 1.690 euro per month for the pied-a-terre.

“I couldn’t say no, because I needed the money to get my baby to eat”.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells that Roland abuse of her and of the situation has made. “I have a feeling that he took advantage of. He had me just can help without me giving them money for sex with him. Now, when I remember him, I realize that he is a sick man.”

According to the woman, they had certainly “hundreds of times” sex. “He promised me and my niece that he would take on vacation to the Dominican Republic and that he us to get a job would help in America.” That never happened. “He had to help us, but he made the situation worse.”

The young woman came from a family of eight children and was 15 years old when the earthquake struck. Also her family’s home was destroyed.

“A month after the birth of my son, he called me and he told me that he could help me. He asked me to come and offered money for sex. He paid me in between the 100 and 200 dollar for. When I arrived, he put up every time a dvd of Playboy. Even if he is on to something else was watching,” said the woman at the Mail.

Van Hauwermeiren himself denies that he is with prostitutes slept during the year and a half in Haiti. Even he admitted that he had a relationship with an adult local woman, but says that he never paid for sex. “A mistake which I am deeply ashamed of. Though it was a normal relationship with a mature, honorable woman, not a prostitute,” he declared.

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