SEE: Kanye boasts numerous old photos celebrities

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Kanye has only yesterday a Instagramaccount created, but it has been nine hours long entertained.

On Valentine’s day, he places a whopping 54 old photos of famous couples, after having his own wife Kim Kardashian a happy Valentine’s day had desired. Kanye puts, however, not only with couples who are still together, as David and Victoria Beckham, but also with couples who are apart, such as Bradd Pitt with Angelina Jolie, as well as Bradd with Jennifer Aniston and Bradd with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Also, he puts Mick with Bianca Jagger and Kate Moss with Johnny Depp. He is also going outside of Hollywood for photos of couples that love have always sustained, such as John F. Kennedy Jr. with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy as an extremely sensitive photographs, such as that of prince Charles with Diana.


Criticism let not be long in waiting, writes the Daily Mail. Reacts Micks son Lucas Jagger if stung by a wasp: “What the f*ck? You have new friends?”. Also some of Kanye’s fans indicate that they are new eruption of posts ’far too intense’. And the photo of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is many too far. “Controversial.” And: “This is not a iconic couple; this is absolutely supertragisch.”

The reason for the series is not clear, other than that one suspects that the star of a series of ’iconic couples’ wanted to share. It provides him, at least enough likes and followers. The counter is now on 2.7 million fans; though he has still a long way to go, for he is on Instagram just as popular as his wife, Kim, with 107 million followers.


In september 2016 started Kanye with his twitter account. He attracted attention when he, after the cancellation of a concert 99 photos on the platform continued. Two months later, he suffered a nervous breakdown and in may 2017 deleted his social media.

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