Sarah Jessica Parker was crying for naaktscène

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Sarah Jessica Parker has in the beginning of her career, a naaktscène denied, but it took her a lot of trouble. That she talks at People. In an extensive interview says the now 52-year-old actress that her refusal all the support received from her agent. “I am now very grateful for,” she says.

The filmbazen and producer insisted that the young actress from the clothes went. She didn’t want to, and briefed her former agent. “That sent a car and an airline ticket to the film set, so I could if I wanted to,” says Sarah Jessica.

Recently she came across a man who at the film, of whom the name has not called, was involved. The woman told Sarah Jessica that she remembered how the actress was crying because of the prospect that they have a naaktscène had to do. “But fortunately there was someone, in my case, my agent, who for me came to mind. When you hear what other actresses have had to experience, I’m happy to,” she says against People.

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