Ronnie Flex jury member in It Takes 2

b366082cc9a995c9690d48cf8f25d3e8 - Ronnie Flex jury member in It Takes 2

Ronnie Flex forms this year, with Gerard Ekdom and Angela Groothuizen, the jury of It Takes 2, that the third season starts. Ronnie takes the baton from Nielson, who last season together with Lock Groothuizen the singing qualities of famous people-rated.

Ronnie has a meaning in his new adventure. “I spend a lot of my time in the studio with other artists, and I think that because of this I am well capable of forming an opinion, and the fake nuts it can pick up. I am always positive and that motivates me also to get the best out of people. Look forward to me as a jury member in It Takes 2 to make a surprise.”

Flex has this week are musical performance be rewarded. The rapper fell Monday two times in the awards at the Edison Pop 2018. His picture, Rémi won in the categories of Hip-hop and Album.

Under the guidance of the presenters, Gordon and Jamai are from 24 march on RTL 4 nine celebrities to be a professional singer or a singer associated with it. The performance of the BN’ers will be judged by the jury and a publieksjury.

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